Open edX 2019 has ended
Collaborative Learning. Community Led.

Welcome to the Open edX 2019 Conference, hosted by UC San Diego! This year’s theme is all about collaborative learning, and how Open edX enables technologists, educators and learners to collaborate, innovate, and move the state of teaching and learning forward.  

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Wednesday, March 27


Product Roadmap - Ironwood and Beyond
Ask Product a question:

avatar for Marco Morales

Marco Morales

Product - Platform, Open, Mobile, edX
Hi! I've been at edX for a long while as a product manager and designer. Currently I'm a product manager for the teaching and learning and mobile teams.


State of Open edX Front End
We are pleased to share our progress and upcoming plans for edX's renewed investment in modernizing our front-end technology. Come and hear about our transition to React and its ecosystem of technologies, our architectural pattern of micro-frontends, and our effort in developing a sustainable/accessible/reusable component library. We will also share our current thoughts on supporting APIs for style customizations, component overrides, and front-end pluggability.

avatar for David Joy

David Joy

Principal Software Engineer, edX


State of Open edX Architecture
Come learn about our 2018 architectural accomplishments and plans for 2019. We'll celebrate our successes in establishing various sustainable processes and creating architectural runways for authentication and micro-frontend development, and discuss our goals for accelerating innovative features on Open edX going forward. We are continuously working to make our platform extensible, approachable, and maintainable in the long-run, so we’ll share our plans for APIs and extensions, practicing open/closed, and frontend customizations.

avatar for Nimisha Asthagiri

Nimisha Asthagiri

Chief Architect, edX


E-learning trends: Open edX vs. other LMSs.
How well does Open edX adapt to current trends of e-learning? We’ll identify and describe a number of trends in e-learning (such as social learning, interactivity, and adaptive learning) and state their advantages from a learning point of view. There are hundreds of learning platforms out there, and often Open edX is a great option. What's missing in Open edX to make it even more attractive? Participants are invited to share, discuss, and contribute.

avatar for Sergey Cujba

Sergey Cujba

Head of Sales & Marketing, Raccoon Gang
avatar for Gabriel D'Amours

Gabriel D'Amours

Product Specialist, Instructional Designer, OpenCraft

Thursday, March 28


Blockstore Architecture
We’re building a new system called Blockstore for storing learning content in Open edX. This technical talk will provide an overview of the architecture of Blockstore, explain its impact for developers and Open edX administrators, and show how you can try it out and contribute. We’ll explain why we want to replace Modulestore with Blockstore, how Blockstore works, how to move content to Blockstore, and how to contribute.

avatar for Braden MacDonald

Braden MacDonald

CTO, OpenCraft
avatar for David Ormsbee

David Ormsbee

Lead Architect, edX
My current work includes Blockstore and doing code reviews and platform improvements for edx-platform. I also delighted to talk about performance, courseware, and Open edX architecture in general. I've been working on Open edX since the prototype days of 2012, so I'm familiar with... Read More →


Enabling Real-Time Analytics in Open edX
In this session, Dan Davis will share the method he developed for logging real-time learner activity in Open edX. He’s conducted a series of experiments evaluating the effect of various approaches to real-time learner feedback, with a specific focus on encouraging self-regulated learning. The talk will include a technical breakdown of how the system works and how one can easily implement it in their own instance of Open edX. Dan will also provide real-world examples of how he’s used the system in the past, including a series of randomized experiments (A/B tests) evaluating the effectiveness on learner engagement and achievement.


Dan Davis

Director, Portfolio Management - PearsonX, Pearson


Richie: building an open source CMS & course catalog for Open Edx
Meet Richie, the new tool that makes it easy to create full-featured marketing sites with course catalogs around your Open edX content. This talk is intended for anyone who operates their own Open edX instance. Non-technical attendees will benefit from the product-related content and demos.


David Truong

Analyst, Friends of Open edX
avatar for Mehdi Benadda

Mehdi Benadda

Freelance open source developer, Friends of Open edX