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Collaborative Learning. Community Led.

Welcome to the Open edX 2019 Conference, hosted by UC San Diego! This year’s theme is all about collaborative learning, and how Open edX enables technologists, educators and learners to collaborate, innovate, and move the state of teaching and learning forward.  

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Wednesday, March 27


Team-Based Learning Using LTI-Integrated Video and Chat
Learn how cohorts and teams can be used more effectively for collaborative learning in Open edX. This talk will address how we are using Open edX in conjunction with collaboration tools to enable "distance innovation" with small cohorts of online learners, creating new ventures in cross-disciplinary groups. We will discuss how we can predict who will be successful in the course based on intra- and inter-team communications, using the principles of social presence to improve online learning through regular engagement and incremental improvement. We’ll explain how we developed a customized extension to the LTI XBlock and used the additional data fields (cohorts and teams) to populate channels and set permissions in a Slack-like collaboration environment, allowing individuals to be placed into an appropriate context when linking from their Open edX course.

avatar for Beth Porter, MA

Beth Porter, MA

CEO, Riff Learning Inc
Beth’s philosophy is that people learn best from each other, and learning fosters both personal growth and organizational innovation and change. She teaches IT Strategies at Boston University and in the Media Ventures team at the MIT Media Lab.

Wednesday March 27, 2019 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161


Harvard DART: Toward a MOOC Collaboration Economy
The MOOC movement has been a catalyst for the creation of digital-learning materials, with over 100 institutions in the edX consortium creating nearly 500,000 individual videos, problems, and pages since 2012. Through a new system called DART (Digital Assets for Reuse in Teaching), we are unbundling edX content and other digital content sources so that resources are searchable and reusable in the residential LMS at Harvard. Through DART, all Harvard instructors and students can now search, browse, and receive recommendations for edX content as well as Harvard channels from YouTube, SoundCloud, and Kaltura.We will highlight use cases and live demo the most relevant features, while outlining our vision for how content can be more broadly utilized across universities.

avatar for Daniel Seaton

Daniel Seaton

Sr. Learning Systems Designer, Harvard University

David House

Harvard University

Elliott Yates

Harvard University

Wednesday March 27, 2019 2:00pm - 2:45pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161


Extending & Innovating Open edX: Delivering Next-Generation Professional Development on PearsonX
We use the Open edX platform to design and deliver experiential, engaging, skills-focused professional development courses. Using client case studies, this talk will explore patterns in the challenges faced by those providing and receiving professional development training in the twenty-first century. We will share how we have responded to these challenges through learning design innovation, UX-design, platform extensions, and the integration of the Rocketchat tool.

avatar for Dr Philippa Hardman

Dr Philippa Hardman

Chief Learning Officer, PearsonX/Proversity
As Chief Learning Officer I'm interested in all things learning strategy, learning science and learning design. I have a particular interest in drawing on classroom pedagogy / andragogy to design blended learning experiences and I'm currently designing blended learning strategies... Read More →

Wednesday March 27, 2019 3:45pm - 4:30pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161


Custom Front-End Experiences
Open edX powers ASU's most innovative educational initiatives. One critical feature of Open edX that supports innovation is the customizable adaptations of an open platform. This talk will outline the technology stacks of several different initiatives and their corresponding technical architectures. We'll delve into specific customizations including custom front-end portals, custom APIs, reporting dashboards, and hosting. For each initiative, we'll demonstrate the customized front-end experience and discuss integration points and Open edX customizations.


Elizabeth Gordon

Arizona State University
avatar for Roger Kohler

Roger Kohler

Software Engineer, Arizona State University
avatar for Ryan Bleam

Ryan Bleam

Instructional Designer, Arizona State University
avatar for Brian Frost

Brian Frost

Senior Business Analyst, Arizona State University
Brian is a Senior Business Analyst at EdPlus at Arizona State University, supporting Starbucks initiatives, including Starbucks College Achievement Plan and Starbucks Global Academy, along with Edge.

Wednesday March 27, 2019 4:45pm - 5:30pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161
Thursday, March 28


The best of both worlds in fully online master’s: integrating Open edX and Canvas
Open edX’s support for rich assessment types and interactive video player make it a virtue when developing fully online courses. However, Canvas is well designed for on-campus courses, with features for manual grading, uploading pen-and-paper assignments and connecting to course registration data. In this session, we explain how we successfully integrated these two platforms in our fully online master’s courses.


Jea Choi

Associate Director, Instructional Design, Stanford University
avatar for Alison Brauneis

Alison Brauneis

Senior Associate Director, Instructional Design, Stanford University

Greg Bruhns

Instructional Design Project Manager, Stanford University
avatar for Grace Lyo

Grace Lyo

Director, Instructional Design, Stanford University

Thursday March 28, 2019 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161


Maintainably Extending Open edX: Why, When, How


What is the "Open-Closed" principle and how will it affect educators, contributors and maintainers of the Open edX ecosystem? We will present the current state of Open edX extensibility and touch on future improvements in the Architecture pipeline to help you decide what approach to take when planning your next contribution. Using existing examples of Django app plugins, REST APIs, XBlocks, and LTI applications, we will discuss the various ways to extend the platform, when and how they should be used, and how we can sustainably maintain them through major version upgrades.

avatar for Felipe Montoya

Felipe Montoya

I'd be happy to talk about anything regarding openedX Development, Operations, Multi-tenancy, future plans... you name it.
avatar for Jillian Vogel

Jillian Vogel

Senior Open Source Developer, OpenCraft

Thursday March 28, 2019 3:45pm - 4:30pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161


Cross-platform Learner Analytics with Open edX and xAPI!
Capturing events from Open edX as xAPI (Experience API) Statements allows us to understand learner progress and patterns across platforms by analyzing them in combination with Statements from other LMSs and learning environments. Come learn about xAPI, see an early technical approach, find out where edX itself is headed, and see what we’ve discovered about a set of learners using this approach.


Bryan Wilson

Senior Software Engineer, Appsembler

Thursday March 28, 2019 4:45pm - 5:30pm
Center Hall, Room 113 Center Hall, Library Walk, San Diego, CA 92161